Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I’m not one to usually pay heed to dream like imagery but I have a had a very intense recurring dream now for the past few years now that I felt a strong need to draw it down as soon as I woke... from an afternoon nap no less.

The location of the dream is always somewhere different but is always a place that feels familiar to me, a home, work place and even local shopping centre on occasion. Within this familiar place there is hidden somewhere a door at the back. As I approach the door I am filled with an overwhelming sense of dread and become heavy with fear. Usually I attempt to open this door but am always repelled with a sickeningly feeling of vulnerability and am just too terrified to go any further.

On this occasion I actually built up the courage to fight my fear and go inside the door.  I entered the doorway and found myself on a spiral staircase. The stairs led to an oval room, which was quite dark and musty. A spiraled metal black fence shortly lead to a chair in the middle and the surrounding walls were just shelves containing books.

As I walked around the room I noticed on one of the shelves a crow, old and gaunt looking. The crow’s gaze followed me around the room and squawked at me....

It was at this point that I awoke and had a feeling that I needed to get something done. I’m not the kind of person who gets to involved with meanings and interpretations of dreams but I’ve had this one recur now and do feel like there’s something behind it and decided to draw it down whilst the feeling remained inside me.

Forgive the crudity of the drawings as i was still very sleepy when i did these, it was more the feeling i was still trying to capture. Maybe with a little more referencing I can create something cool from these.

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