Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Graphic Novel Idea

So whilst I havnt ironed out the full details yet I decided to go with a story that has parralels with "Pinocchio"
Instead dof a wooden puppet trying to become a real boy, My main character is going to be a 30 year old man trying to understand what it is to be a "real man"... journey to expect who he is and where he's going blah blah... the twist is that he is now followed round by an imaginary friend he had when he was a kid, a sort of Jiminy Cricket consciences type character... except that he's not a grashopper but a cigar smoking killer whale.

In place of Gepetto there is his 30 year old female "best friend" maybe a room mate.. I want their relationship to be quite platonic and have no romantic involvement whatsoever, i think this is rarely played out upon in a lot of media and it reflects quiet a few of the friendships with girls i have today.

anyways.. enough waffling.. heres some initial character designs.. not overly finished yet.. but getting there.. let me know what you think.

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  1. hey hey, great drawings! There's no reason why I can't shout this through the wall but I've started typing now so I'll finish. I like the concept, and overall design. I'd be inclined to play around with the facial propoptions, cos apart from the chin, they've got the same face shape really, maybe you could toy with overall head shape difference and the distances between eyes/nose/mouths whatever. They both have the innocent/naive large forehead which i think is great for the male. Maybe the girl could be a bit stronger for him, so not so innocent in design, and be a bit of a rock for him to lean on, like tough love...
    Can't wait to see more :D